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What is Lupus? Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes damaging inflammation in the body. The disease is thought to be caused by genetics, hormones, and various environmental factors and is mostly found in females between the ages 15 and 44, but can also be found in males, children, and older adults. African American,…
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Foot Health

April is Foot Health Awareness Month. Our feet are often overlooked until we have an injury when we should actually be giving our feet daily attention. Whether we are diabetic, suffer from hypertension, or are perfectly healthy, even children should pay special attention to their feet. Our feet will carry us average of 115,000 miles in a lifetime, so avoiding foot problems should be a priority for everyone (

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Here are just a few tips for healthy Feet according to

  1. Inspect feet daily using a mirror; look for injuries, cracks, peeling, and dry skin.
  2. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet and between your toes to prevent burns and skin cancer.
  3. Allow toe nails time to “breathe” and recover from the effects of nail polish; leave off the polish for several months each year.
  4. Always wear shoes in public places to avoid foot fungus or plantar warts and cuts that can lead to infection.
  5. Dry your feet and between toes after showering to avoid fungal infections.



Happy Pumping

As I mentioned in my last blog post I have Type 1 diabetes, diagnosed at the age of 11. For many years, until I was 18 to be exact, I did three injections a day; could you imagine being a teen and having to stop between classes, locate a vacant bathroom stall at lunch, or find…
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How diabetes affects your heart

I was diagnosed with diabetes at the young age of eleven; since then it has been forever embedded into my memory that diabetes affects everything, and I mean everything–from your head to your feet. Diabetes can take its toll on your eyesight causing vision changes or even blindness; circulation, causing neuropathy and even leading to…
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