Health and Economic Empowerment

After a snowed out Tuesday, and a freezing Wednesday, the snow started to melt a little today.

One of the sessions I attended today talked about the relationship between health and economic empowerment. Through comparing a few places around the world, the panelists all made the case for the importance of our health for building our economic power. We often mostly focus on health care costs and forget how poor health can impact our ability to earn an income. In this sense, prevention becomes even more important. This not only means fewer medication costs or payments for doctor's visits but also removes the burden of disease. We want to make sure that people are able to achieve their full health potential and participate fully in their occupation (as well as other parts of their lives like family, socializing with friends, and so on). Additionally safeguarding economic means reduces stress, a huge contributor to sickness. In that sense, the relationship between health and economic empowerment goes both ways.

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