Commission on the Status of Women

I'm currently in New York City, attending a conference put on by the United Nations that brings together people from all over the world to talk about best practices related to improving conditions for women and girls.

One of the main topics focused on so far is the importance of including young people in this conversation. This is a theme I've heard again and again in various conferences I've attended recently. Young people are at a unique time in their lives where they are really thinking about how they can contribute to the betterment of their communities and, in some cases, have more free time in which they can take action.  They are also often particularly impacted by certain conditions in society while not given space to impact those conditions. So one question is, "How can we engage youth to help promote the health of our communities?" Whether the issue is substance abuse, obesity or food access, young people have an important part to play in improving community health so it's important they we don't get in their way of doing so but instead help them develop the tools they need in order to accomplish this goal.

I plan to continue sharing all the important conversations happening at the conference for the rest of the week.

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